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"These original photos come alive with the smoke and thunder of battle; unsurpassed as a portrayal of America at war." - George Chizmar, Sr.



For over fifty years, Real War Photos has been dedicated to honoring the memories of those who have sacrificed so much for the freedom and liberties we enjoy today. View our photos in the galleries and check out our core website:

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To the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, we salute you.

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we pray for your safe return.

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we thank you for your enduring spirit

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RWP is proud to announce that for the first time, our photo collection is now available online. In addition to the many services you have come to expect from RWP such as ordering high quality prints and tracking the latest reunion information, we now offer the ability to search and download images right from our vast photo archive. You can also create personalized viewing galleries to share favorite photographs with family and friends.

Each photo has been digitally restored to produce the highest quality image for your use and enjoyment. You will be surprised by the clarity of these restored images and the depth of emotions they can portray.


List your reunion on the RWP main website at and we will assemble a Private Gallery for your reunion members with all the photos we have on your unit/ship subject. You will receive a special access code (sent to your reunion organizer) for distribution to members and attendeeswhere you can view photos of your ship and crew.


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Warning: Viewer discretion is advised - These galleries contains images that some viewers may find disturbing and not suitable for children.

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The photos displayed in a slideshow on this page include:

Photo #N3031C - the USS New Jersey BB-62, firing a salvo toward a target in the republic of Vietnam, So. China Sea, March 1969.Gallery-Battleships

A27100B Gun crew from Regimental Headquarters Company, 23rd Infantry, firing 37mm gun during an advance against German entrenched positions. U.S. 2nd Div., St. Mihael region. Gallery-WW I

B23325 A Marine sniper climbs a palm tree on Guadalcanal, May 1942. Gallery-Guadalcanal

A533 Men of the 92nd A.F.A. Bn. US Corps, prepare to load 155mm howitzer in Korea, 5/17/51. Gallery-Korea

N27356A Fire aboard USS Essex CV-9 resulting from crash of Banshee jet. Flames and smoke billow from fire. 16 Sept, 1951. Gallery-USS Essex CV-9

N118 Lt. Cmdr Joseph O'Callahen administers the last rites to an injured crewman, 19 Mar, 1945. Gallery-USS Franklin CV-1

A2456 1st Platoon Co "F", rides tank into action in Korea, 2/8/51. Gallery-Korea

N375C Burning of USS Bunker Hill (CV-17), USS The Sullivans (DD-537) in foreground, 11 May, 1945. Gallery-USS Bunker Hill CV-17

N337 Warships in line as they enter Ulithi anchorage for supplies and recreation. USS Langley (CVL-27), USS Ticonderoga (CV-14), USS Washington (BB-56), USS North Carolina (BB-55), USS South Dakota (BB-57), USS Santa Fe (CL-60), USS Biloxi (CL-80), USS Mobile (CL-63) and the USS Oakland (CL-95), Dec 12, 1944. Gallery-USS Ticonderoga CV-14

V2260 A radio man comforts his friend who broke down after surviving a battle in which nearly all of his platoon was wiped out during operation "Byrd". All men are assigned to Co "A", 2nd Bn., 7th Regt., 1st Cav. Div., due to the tense feelings of these men, names could not be obtained, 8/26/66. Gallery-Vietnam



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